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December 06,2021

With the emergence of wireless vacuum cleaners, it quickly takes the place of a wired one and traditional broom. Due to its portability and convenience, it is favored by most households. In addition to the above two, what else do you know about it?


Wireless Vacuum Cleaner


The merits of wireless vacuum cleaner


The most obvious difference between wireless and traditional ones is that they discard the power cord and can do housework without having to lengthen the power cord. Simply put, you don't need to worry about limited wires anymore, and don't consider the need to replace sockets to clean corners. Its working principle is the same as that of the wired one. The difference is that the built-in drive motor of the wireless one can maintain the operation of the machine through charging, and it can work just by turning on the switch. Wireless vacuum cleaners generally use cyclone dust removal technology and use a clean dust cup to store garbage to reduce material consumption and dust capacity.


The most prominent advantage of the wireless vacuum cleaner is that there is no power cord limitation. It can be used anywhere, and its cleaning range is almost unlimited. Equipped with various brushes, it can further meet the floor, beds, sofas, window sills, cabinet tops, or various dead corners in the home. Its body is very light and compact. Even if it is operated with one hand, it is not easy to get tired from doing housework; the storage area is not large, and it can be placed at will. The wireless cleaner has less noise, so you don't have to worry about the noise to other people in the house.


When buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, it should be noted that its suction power is slightly lower than that of a traditional one, but it is sufficient to meet the daily household cleaning needs. Because it is a rechargeable one, there is a certain time limit. If you continuously clean for more than 40 minutes, you may need to wait for it to charge and store energy.


To make full use of the cleaner, there are other usages you should know. We have summarized to you:


The magical methods of wireless vacuum cleaner


🔹Use the strong suction power of it to extract the air from the large bedding that needs to be stored, you only need to prepare a large enough bag and any quilt or down jacket can be easily installed.


🔹Small things such as needles or ear studs falling on the ground are potentially dangerous. At this time, you can make full use of the vacuum cleaner. First, pull out the suction head, then wrap the mouth of the suction tube with stockings or gauze, adjust the wind, and slide it back and forth on the ground a few times to suck the small things into the air outlet.


🔹Excessive dust accumulated in household appliances can cause damage. For example, too much dust in a computer can affect heat dissipation and burn out the motherboard or CPU. At this time, the vacuum cleaner comes in handy. With a light suction, the dust is gone, how simple and convenient!


🔹It has to be said that styling pets are a huge expense. But you can also try it yourself. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry your pet's hair, and then use the brush to style the pet. Finally, use it to clean up the pet hair that fell on the ground. You can do two things with one stone!


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