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December 06,2021

The birth of the vacuum cleaner has a history of one hundred years. With the continuous development of human wisdom and science and technology, the vacuum cleaner has gradually become a good helper in people's daily life.


Today, we'll talk about something about vacuum cleaners.


wired hand-held vacuum cleaner


How to choose a vacuum cleaner?


There are three basic principles for choosing a vacuum cleaner: watching suction, recognizing function, and listening to sound.


  • Recognition function


Horizontal vacuum cleaner


Horizontal, as the name suggests, is a vacuum cleaner lying on the ground. It has the advantages of large dust capacity and large suction; Suitable for family use, it can absorb ground dust, human and animal hair. The disadvantage is that it is slightly bulky.


Suction index: ★★★★★

Lightness index: ★★

Function index: ★★★★★

Price index: ★★★

Recommendation Index: ★★★★


Vertical vacuum cleaner


Vertical, as the name suggests, is a standing vacuum cleaner. The biggest difference between vertical and horizontal is that the three-dimensional design does not occupy a place, which is convenient to store and use; It is suitable for offices and small family groups.


Suction index: ★★★

Lightness index: ★★★★

Function index: ★★★

Price index: ★★

Recommendation Index: ★★★★


Hand-held vacuum cleaner


It is characterized by a small and light body, very convenient to carry and use, especially suitable for cleaning beds and sofas. Hand-held vacuum cleaners are less powerful than other shapes. But hand-held vacuum cleaners are very useful in dealing with things such as car cleaning, keyboards, sofas, appliances, etc.


Suction index: ★★★

Lightness index: ★★★★★

Function index: ★★★

Price index: ★★

Recommendation Index: ★★★★


  • Listen to the sound


The sound emitted by the general vacuum cleaner is about 80 dB. The power is small, and the noise will naturally be a little lower, so pay attention to the relative power.


Also, in addition to the noise, pay attention to the vibration of the vacuum cleaner itself. The vacuum cleaner with good quality should have no obvious vibration, stable sound, and no periodic change after the power supply is connected.


Some vacuum cleaners use sound insulation boards to reduce noise. Although it can reduce 5-10 dB, it is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the machine, which seriously causes the motor to overheat and burn out the motor.


  • Look at the suction


Many friends think that the suction of a vacuum cleaner is directly proportional to the power. In fact, suction power is the real embodiment of dust collection ability. The vacuum cleaner will not convert all-electric energy into suction mechanical energy, of which a large part is lost due to various reasons. The real conversion rate of electric energy and suction mechanical energy is the so-called "efficiency". Generally, the efficiency of vacuum cleaners is more than 18%, which can be regarded as very good.


For ordinary families, a 1000W vacuum cleaner is enough.


Practical functions of vacuum cleaner


👉Good helper for storage


When we put the quilt or down jacket we don't normally use in a special sealed bag, we can use a vacuum cleaner to draw the air inside, and the bag will flatten at once! It's much easier to use than the air pump attached to the bag. It can be done easily.


👉Looking for small objects


Sometimes we will inevitably drop small things to the ground. If small pills and the like are OK, if they are needles or earrings, they will be potentially dangerous. Now the vacuum cleaner will come in handy again.


First, pull out the suction head, then wrap the mouth of the suction pipe with silk stockings or gauze, adjust the wind force, slide back and forth on the ground several times, and you can easily suck small things to the air outlet.


👉Groom your pet's hair


Remember to turn down the power of the vacuum cleaner before use. You can use it with a pet's brush to avoid hair flying and massage. I believe that your pet will be more intimate with you!


👉Drive mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches


Have you ever been so noisy by mosquitoes that you can't work or sleep normally, but you can't catch it? Do you have a headache and can't eat because of the flies flying around the trash can? Are you frightened by cockroaches running wild in the corner or don't want to trample on cockroach body fluids everywhere? Use the vacuum cleaner! You'll find it's definitely an artifact!


👉Dust removal and mite killing


After drying the quilt in winter, there will be a "sunshine smell" on the quilt, which is actually the smell of mites after they are dried to death. Usually, when our bedding is covered for a long time, bacteria and dust mites will breed, but we can't see it with our naked eyes.


So, take a vacuum cleaner and suck it back and forth on the quilt, with a bedsheet brush for a better effect!


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