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December 06,2021

Have you ever encountered that when cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, it can easily tidy up the dry floor, but it does not affect a wet floor, even damaged, you may even cleaner by a mop, how troublesome! To tackle this, you may need a wet and dry one.


With continuous improvement and innovation, based on traditional ones, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner can absorb both dust and water. The traditional one can only be used to vacuum, and the filter bag and dust bag are not wet. This brings a lot of inconvenience to actual use. But wet and dry ones just make up for this and bring a lot of convenience to household cleaning.


wet and dry vacuum cleaners


Why choose wet and dry vacuum cleaners?


Strong suction: The wet and dry one has a very strong suction power because it has a powerful suction motor inside. The effect of vacuuming and absorbing water is very good, which greatly improves everyone's cleaning efficiency. And its motor also has a feature that it can always maintain a constant temperature during use, which makes the service life more than three times longer, and even it can work continuously for 24 hours.


Multi-function: The traditional one can only be used to vacuum, and the filter bag and dust bag are not wet. This brings a lot of inconvenience to actual use. But wet and dry ones just make up for this and bring a lot of convenience to household cleaning.


Easy to switch: It can easily switch between vacuum mode and blower mode to perform various tasks, which makes it a necessity in every household. The homeowner must click a button to switch between the two modes, which makes it very easy to use.


Portability and efficiency: Compared with commercial ones, modern wet and dry ones are smaller in size, and some are upright. They tend to be more portable than traditional ones, thereby increasing their efficiency; it also tends to be more effective and help to remove all kinds of spills and dust on any surface. This double benefit often makes it more unique than others.


Some may doubt that robot mops can also absorb dust and water, so compared with a wet and dry one, which one is more suitable for you?


Sweeping robots V.S. wet and dry vacuum cleaners


sweeping robot


✔️Different working principle


Vacuum cleaner: It rotates at a high speed through a motor to generate airflow to suck in the garbage. The whole process is "suction". The dust enters the dust collecting cylinder through the floor brush and the main suction pipe. The dust is retained in the dust cylinder under the action of centrifugal force, and the air is discharged out of the machine through the filter.


Sweeping robot: The cleaning principle of the sweeping robot is to roll a brush or a glue brush + a vacuum suction port, the rubbish is brushed up by the brush, and then the vacuum suction port sucks, the overall process is "sweep" + "suction". During the cleaning process, the sweeping robot completes its work autonomously through its navigation and sensors, without manual intervention.


✔️Different cleaning area


Vacuum cleaner: It will be equipped with a variety of suction heads. In addition to cleaning the floor, replace different brush heads to clean sofas, wardrobes, beds, walls, and other places. At the same time, it can also dust home appliances, or can be used for sofas, In addition to mites on the mattress.


Sweeping robot: Sweeping machine positioning is home floor cleaning, because cleaning does not require manual intervention, so it can only clean the floor.


✔️Different ways of use


Vacuum cleaner: It needs to be used manually to achieve the purpose of cleaning


Sweeping robot: It has an artificial intelligence system, which can operate autonomously by turning on the switch.


Which one is more suitable for you?


✔️People who are suitable to buy a vacuum cleaner


  • The living environment is small and chaotic


If you live in a small environment and many things are messy, it is recommended to buy it, because the sweeping robot cleans in a small space, which has more obstacles and is easy to get trapped. The vacuum cleaner has a flexible suction head that can be manipulated, it is more convenient.


  • Having pets


Hair cleaning is always annoying. Except on the ground, desktops, sofas, clothes, mattresses, etc. are all areas where hair is sticky. Therefore, sweeping robots that can only clean the ground are not enough, and vacuum cleaners can be matched differently. The suction head achieves the effect of cleaning the whole house.


  • Large area carpet


If your home is carpeted in a large area, it is recommended to give priority to using it. Because it has more suction power and is suitable for deep cleaning.


✔️People who are suitable to buy sweeping robots


  • The living environment is large


First of all, cleaning a large area will be very tiring, and the sweeping robot can clean autonomously, which is very convenient. You can imagine it as a vacuum cleaner that can move and work autonomously. The sweeping robot is especially suitable for families with large homes and well-arranged things. Without too many obstacles, its cleaning efficiency will be higher, and it also has the functions of automatic recharging and breakpoint battery life, which is very suitable for large-scale users.


  • Busywork


For busy office workers, they only want to do something they like in their free time, instead of being entangled in housework, then the sweeping robot is a savior. When going to work, they can remotely control the sweeping robot to work with a mobile phone. When getting home, the home will be clean.


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