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December 06,2021

As a cleaning tool, the dust collector has been transformed into the "assistant" of thousands of households. For many people, buying a dust collector is already an indispensable thing. Now there is a new type of dust collector, a brushless vacuum sweeper. Today I will mainly introduce the vacuum cleaner with brushless motors.


The Difference between Brushless Dust Collector and Brushed Dust Collector

Wholesale OEM Vacuum Cleaner With Brushless Motor Manufacturer,Supplier,Factory



✔️ Service life


The brushless dust collector usually has a service life of tens of thousands of hours, but the service life of brushless motors varies greatly due to different bearings.


Generally, the working life of a brush dust collector is several hundred to more than one thousand hours. When it reaches the limit of use, you need to replace the carbon brush. Its service life is not as good as a brushless motor.


✔️ Effect


The controllability of the brushless motor is strong, from a few revolutions per minute to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute.


Brushless motors generally work at a constant speed after starting. Since it is not easy to adjust the speed, the service life will be shorter.


✔️ Energy saving


Relatively speaking, the brushless motor controlled by frequency conversion technology will save more energy than the series motor.


✔️ Maintainance


Brushed motors need to replace the carbon brushes. If they are not replaced in time, the motor will be damaged. Brushless motors have a long service life, usually more than 10 times that of brushed motors. But if it breaks, you need to replace the motor. So it does not require routine maintenance.


Five Tips for Choosing Brushless Dust Collector


If you are a person who pursues quality of life, a brushless dust collector will be a must-buy item. Because it can not only clean the ground, but also clean beds, corners, crevices and other places in the home. But how to choose a brushless dust collector? The following are some important factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing a brushless dust collector.


1️⃣ Endurance


Endurance is very important for the brushless dust collector. However, the battery life depends on the battery type and capacity of the dust collector. The service life of different battery types is also different. At present, only lithium batteries are the first choice for many brands. Most brushless dust collectors are powered by lithium batteries, which are safe and guaranteed.


In addition, some brushless dust collectors are equipped with two batteries. Users can also purchase more battery spares according to their needs, which is suitable for large-scale use.


2️⃣ Suction power


As a smart product that efficiently solves household cleaning problems and makes the home spotless, the dust collection ability of the brushless dust collector is particularly important. The size of the suction is related to the quality of the motor. So when you buy a brushless dust collector, you must pay attention to its dust collection ability.


3️⃣ Intelligence


Now, more and more brushless dust collectors have added smart functions. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a screen that can display information such as remaining power, battery life, and suction gear. In addition, some intelligent brushless dust collectors can automatically adjust the suction according to the amount of garbage, eliminating the trouble of manual adjustment.


4️⃣ Sterilize and remove mites


Bedding is an area with a high incidence of mites. Long-term life under the hazard of mites will cause serious skin problems such as allergies and scabies, which not only endangers your health but also affect your child's development. Therefore, you must choose a brushless dust collector with a mite removal function when you buy.


5️⃣ The right supplier


Finally, there is a key point, which is to look at the reputation of suppliers and users. Personal advice is to choose a supplier with a good reputation. The quality, guarantee and user experience of big brands are better than those of small brands.


The brushless dust collectors designed by Brotec Products Limited Company are stylish, lightweight and powerful. When vacuuming, it can clean the dust according to the vacuum induction lamp. If you need a reliable wholesale OEM vacuum cleaner with a brushless motor supplier, Brotec Products Limited Company will be a good choice.


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