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December 06,2021

People who have been engaged in housework know that the traditional method for cleaning the wood floor is either mop or towel, but these two ways of cleaning the wood floor are more laborious and may not be able to clean it.


With people's higher and higher requirements for living standards and quality of life, especially for family environmental sanitation, most families begin to choose vacuum cleaners to clean the ground.


wood floor vacuum cleaner


Why should we clean the wood floor?


Wood floor is the preferred floor decoration material for house decoration because it can add beauty and elegance to your house;


And wood floor can add value to your house;


In addition, it also has the function of adjusting the indoor climate.


Therefore, it is very important to maintain the wood floor. One of the most important aspects is to keep the wood floor clean. Dirt, sand, dust, and debris of some materials can scratch and wear the wood floor. Vacuum can definitely help achieve this goal, but pay attention to the vacuum cleaner you choose. Some will actually damage your wood floor.


By choosing the right vacuum cleaner, you will be able to properly care for and maintain the wood floor in the next few years. You will have a clean home and keep the luster of the new wood floor.


Maybe you have a vacuum cleaner in your home and have been using it all the time, but most of the tops are designed to clean carpets. For wood floors, you need more care. Here are the matters needing attention:


Things needing attention


💡Most traditional vacuum cleaners have roller brushes with thick bristles. These brush heads may leave scratches on the wood floor. In addition, driving the roller brush will spread dirt, dust, sand, debris, etc., making it more difficult to clean.


Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the use of a roller brush, which is used to remove the dirt, hair, and debris hidden in the carpet. Moreover, using the roller brush will actually do more harm than good, because it will scratch the surface of the wood floor.


If you can't buy a vacuum cleaner without a roller brush, choose one that can turn off the brush to prevent it from rotating.


💡Vacuum cleaners designed for carpets often have plastic wheels that can scratch the surface of wood floors. In addition, the wheels also lack the pad needed to further prevent damage. Pads and rubber wheels will help prevent scratching. In addition, before dust collection, please check the wheels and remove the dirt on the wheels.


💡Choose a compact, lightweight and, easy-to-carry vacuum cleaner. The less pressure applied to the floor, the better. Because it can easily slide over the wood floor and clean easily.


💡For wood floors, vertical or horizontal vacuum cleaners, which are better are still controversial. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it really depends on your preferences. If you have to choose between the two, this blog recommends the use of horizontal, because they are usually lighter and easier to operate and will not scratch the wood floor.


Summary: Therefore, for the vacuum cleaner used for wood floors, it is best to consider the following factors: small volume, lightweight, and compact, so it is easy to operate and store. It is specially designed for wood floors, and the wheels are rubber wheels. It has strong suction, but can be finely cleaned to protect the wood floor.


How often do you need to dry clean the wood floor?


  1. For areas with large wind and sand, it is best to dry clean the wood floor once a day;


  1. For public places, you even need to do dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner 2-3 times a day;


  1. For home, the wood floor of the living room and study need to dry clean at least 3 times a week;


  1. For furniture sites, the wood floor of the bedroom needs to dry clean1-2 times a week.
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