Wholesale Small Power Vacuum Cleaner OEM Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier

December 06,2021

Nowadays, an easy-to-use dust extractor can easily relieve the troubles of household cleaning, and it is a must-have practical household product at present. However, the small power dust extractor is more popular than the large and heavy dust extractor. What are the advantages of small power vacuum cleaners? You will learn more as you read on.


The Merits of Small Power Dust Extractors

Wholesale Small Power Vacuum Cleaner OEM Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier


Small power dust extractors are in line with people's pursuit. Most of the mini small power dust extractors are exquisite and small. Because they are very convenient to use and carry, they have won people's love. It can not only be operated manually but also be cleaned automatically and regularly, which greatly meets the needs of contemporary people, especially young people.


The appearance of a small power dust extractor is small and fashionable, full of a sense of science and technology, and it perfectly matches the characteristics of young people's pursuit of fashion personality, so it quickly captures the hearts of young consumers. The entire cleaning process can easily complete the cleaning task without manual control. Once launched, it has quickly become a new favorite in the market.


It not only integrates the advantages of previous generations of vacuum cleaners, but also minimizes the volume, which not only conforms to the exquisite aesthetics of modern households but also adapts to the harsh environmental cleaning requirements of modern households.


How to Choose a Suitable Small Power Dust Extractor


After understanding the advantages of small power dust extractors, you will definitely want to know some tips for selecting small power dust extractors.


1️⃣ Take note of the quality


When purchasing small power dust extractors, you should choose a bright and smooth shell, not paint products. For small power dust extractors with good performance, the filter should be a double-layered mesh with large and fine meshes. During the power-on trial, the start-up speed of a good-quality product should not exceed 1 second. For detailed accessories such as housing materials, displays, and rubber rollers, you must check them in detail.


2️⃣ Choose small power dust extractors without a dust bag


Due to troublesome cleaning and the high cost of use, dust extractors are increasingly criticized by consumers. The dust-free dust bag small power dust extractors are filtered by the filter element to remove the dust, which saves the trouble of cleaning the dust bag and saves a lot of money.


3️⃣ Choose according to purpose


Smart products are only suitable for working on flat surfaces, such as floors and carpets in the home, but not corners. Places like curtains, floor-to-ceiling windows, and stairs require traditional products. Different types of small power dust extractors have different functions, so you should choose according to your actual needs.


4️⃣ Consider power size


The greater the power, the higher the price, and the greater the power consumption and noise. If your house is about 90-120 square meters, it is recommended to choose dust extractors with a power of about 1500W. If your house is less than 90 square meters, I suggest you choose dust extractors with a power of 1000W. You must consider the area of ​​your house when choosing dust extractors. If your house is small, you'd better choose small power dust extractors.


5️⃣ Pay attention to vacuum


The greater the vacuum, the greater the suction. The degree of vacuum is related to the quality of the motor and the airtightness of the whole machine. The vacuum degree is not as large as possible, because as the vacuum degree increases, the burden on the motor will also increase, which directly affects the life of the motor. The vacuum degree of general dust extractors is greater than 20Kpa. At present, the middle and high-end dust extractors are all rotating and separating, which can generate 20% more vacuum suction.


6️⃣ Check noise


Noise is unavoidable in dust extractors. The noise level depends on the quality of the dust extractor's motor, the power level and the tightness of the vacuum cleaner. If you have children or elderly people at home, I suggest you choose small power dust extractors with low noise.


I believe that after reading this article, you have a certain understanding of small power dust extractors. If you plan to buy small power dust extractors or looking for a reliable wholesale small power vacuum cleaner OEM manufacturer, factory and supplier, you can consider Brotec Products Limited Company.


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