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December 06,2021

The wet dry vacuum cleaner is a piece of common cleaning equipment in factories, warehouses, supermarkets, farmers' markets, hotels, and other places. It can not only absorb dust and other particles but also absorb liquid substances. It is a piece of highly inclusive equipment. The wet dry vacuum cleaners used in factories are mainly rope type and wireless type.


Do you really know about wet dry vacuum cleaners? Let's popularize the relevant knowledge about them.


rope wet dry vacuum cleaner


Selection method of wet dry vacuum cleaner


  • Whether the parameters are reasonable?


The three parameters of suction, air volume, and power are complementary and mutually affect each other. If one parameter is not enough, the other two will also directly affect the dust collection effect of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, the first thing to choose a wet dry vacuum cleaner is whether the parameters are reasonable.


  • Are the internal components of the vacuum cleaner supplied by the brand or self-produced?


The internal components (motor, filtering device, dust suction device, dust vibrating device, etc.) of vacuum cleaners produced by many manufacturers are particularly inferior. They are all cheap goods purchased from some three noes manufacturers, and the failure rate is very high. If you want to use the wet dry vacuum cleaner smoothly, the internal configuration must be considered.


  • The reputation of the brand manufacturer supplying vacuum cleaners is also one of the conditions for purchase.


Word of mouth includes the manufacturer's after-sales service, the quality, and price of the machine, etc. If the quality is good, but the after-sales service is very poor, you should also consider it again.


The price of wet dry vacuum cleaners is not high, but some middlemen sell them to customers at a higher price because customers don't understand. Therefore, before purchasing vacuum cleaners, you should find brand factories of the same type, the same parameters, and the same level, make more comparisons, and understand the price range in the market.


During the warranty period, you should pay attention to which parts are under warranty and which parts should be charged separately. Otherwise, it is easy to be fooled and increase the cost during the warranty period.


How to maintain the wet dry vacuum cleaner?


📌When the wet dry vacuum cleaner is used for a long time, the suction will be reduced due to the blockage of the mesh of the filter screen.


In order to prevent the decrease of suction, the filter screen and cloth bag should be washed with water regularly, and then dried in a cool place before use, so as to restore the suction.


If the main engine is hot, gives out a scorching smell, or has abnormal vibration and sound, it should be sent for repair in time. Do not use it reluctantly. The hose shall not be folded frequently, and shall not be stretched and bent excessively.


📌The machine shall be handled with care and shall not be impacted by an external force.


When cleaning the machine, please wipe it with a wet cloth containing water or neutral detergent. It is strictly forbidden to immerse the main engine head in water for cleaning. Do not use corrosive cleaners such as gasoline and banana water, otherwise, the shell will crack.


📌Check whether the power cord and plug are damaged.


After use, wind the power coil into a bundle and hang it on the hook of the head top cover. After water absorption, check whether the air inlet is blocked or sundries, otherwise it needs to be cleaned.


📌Clean the sundries in the bucket and all dust collection accessories in time.


The dust cells and bags shall be cleaned after each work to check whether there is a perforation or air leakage, and the dust cells and bags shall be thoroughly cleaned with detergent and heated water and dried. It is strictly prohibited to use dry dust cells and bags.


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