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July 23,2021

Modern vacuum cleaners have made significant advances in technology and features, making them an indispensable part of the cleaning process in both homes and offices. However, most people are unaware of the fact that according to the type of substances picked up, vacuum cleaners can also be divided into dry vacuum cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners. This article will give you some references.



Wet vacuum cleaner


What is a wet vacuum cleaner


Waterproof wet vacuum cleaners are often called "wet vacuum cleaners" and are designed in a way that allows liquids to be collected in waterproof containers. These usually have a vacuum device on the top, and the collection container is in a plastic container. The design and protection of these electronic components are not affected by components that operate through a vacuum, so there is no short circuit.


Wet vacuum cleaners are perfect for cleaning up regular dirt, even large spills and debris, such as spilled grains or puddles in leaking faucets, in your home and garage.


What is a dry vacuum cleaner


As the name suggests, dry vacuum cleaners are only suitable for dry materials, no matter how small, they should not be used to clean wet surfaces. These dry vacuum cleaners are used to suck up dirt and dust from carpets and hard floors, as well as furniture and upholstery. It absorbs this dirt and usually collects it in a bag or collection chamber.


It also has a filter to help keep the air in the home cleaner for breathing. You may also have a vacuum cleaner designed with a HEPA filter or UV lamp to help clean the air and eliminate many bacteria that flies around in your home.


The differences between dry vacuum cleaner and wet vacuum cleaner


Most traditional vacuum cleaners on the market are very suitable for household use, but they are not designed to clean liquid dirt and are usually classified as dry vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, as the name suggests, wet vacuum cleaners can suck out spilled liquid without causing any damage to the vacuum cleaner. The differences between the two cleaners are listed below, which can help users better understand their functionality in a better manner.


  • Wet cleaner is equipped with a waterproof collection tank to prevent liquid from leaking into the fan and other electrical components and causing short circuits. Dry cleaners do not provide any such protection, so users may be electrocuted when they are used to suck liquids.


  • Wet vacuum cleaners are usually designed for industrial use, so they are much heavier and noisier than dry ones. Conversely, dry vacuum cleanershave the advantages of almost noiseless operation and easy operation due to its light weight.


  • Wet vacuum cleaners tend to be more powerful and provide greater storage capacity.Dry vacuum cleaners have enhanced particle filtration systems to ensure that the accumulated dust and dirt are effectively cleaned and captured in a better way.


  • Wet vacuum cleaners cannot effectively remove allergens and pollen to provide cleaner air, although they can remove heavier substances such as pebbles and metal chips. Dry vacuum cleaners are equipped with ribbon brushes, which make it almost impossible for them to pick up anything other than small dry materials.


  • Wet vacuum cleaners are generally not as easy to operate as dry vacuum cleaners. They are usually tank types with hoses and other accessories. According to the requirements of individual users, dry vacuum cleaners are available in a variety of designs and models.


  • Wet vacuum cleaners can be used for household cleaning, but dry vacuum cleaners cannot. In addition, dry vacuum cleaners are generally cheaper than wet vacuum cleaners,because they generally do not provide the level of complexity or technology.

Wet vacuum cleaner

Should I buy a dry vacuum cleaner or a wet vacuum cleaner


Regarding the question of buying a dry vacuum cleaner or a wet vacuum cleaner, you don't need to be so entangled. In order to meet the needs of customers, we launched a cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner. It includes all the advantages of above two, which can absorb both dry garbage and moisture, It’s very practical and convenient. Welcome to contact us