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July 19,2021

The choice of vacuum cleaners on the market today is various than before. But with choice comes a big problem: what’s the most suitable vacuum cleaner for my house? Vertical or anything else?


As one of most popular sweepers, vertical vacuum cleaners have always been favorite in many homes. There are many benefits of using an vertical vacuum cleaner to clean your home. But not for everyone, this article will have an emphasis on the advantage and disadvantage of vertical vacuum cleaner


Vertical vacuum cleaner

The advantages of vertical vacuum cleaner


They are cost-effective


There is no doubt that vertical vacuum cleaner is much cheaper than others. Certainly, there are many upmarket cleaners. You can make choice due to your specific requirements. But when price is compared to practicability, it will be cost effective and value for money.


They are reliable and stable


Vertical are the most reliable type of vacuum cleaner, with some models known to last 15-20 years. The design of an upright means that it has to be equipped with firm material, because it will suffer from great pressure when cleaning. The fact that most verticals come with a 5-10 guarantee years gives you a sense of security and reliability. Therefore, it has high stability. If you are a user who has a back pain, there is no need to bend, that is, you can just stand and get the cleaning done.


They are functional and versatile


Vertical vacuum cleaner has many functions. With different motorized brushes, it can clean debris on the carpet, dirt on the car seat. Its folding design can even clean the unseen dust under the sofa. In my opinion, it is the first choice for apartment or small units.


They have wider cleaning path


To some extent, some vertical vacuum cleaners are heavier in sizes and larger. It will be also a benefit. It means you have a wider cleaning path, this could be helpful in covering a larger vacuuming area.


They are easy to operate


When cleaning, if there is an obstacle in front of which the vacuum cleaner cannot go around, we have to bend over and pick it up. At this time, the vacuum cleaner can be kept upright and you don't need to fix it.


Vertical vacuum cleaner

The disadvantages of vertical vacuum cleaner


They struggle on stairs


Due to its verticality, at some stage you are going to curse the lack of maneuverability that your upright has. Having a more extensive cleaning path is a dream on open, clutter-free spaces, but when it comes to furniture or stairs,it can be a nightmare.


Nothing is perfect, it depends on your choice and specific requirements. In a word, for most family that have carpet or floor, vertical vacuum cleaner is worth trying.