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July 29,2021

Almost every household has a vacuum cleaner with motor brush, it makes our home clean and life easy. Though most of them have a solid shell and good quality, once you have a improper operation, the machine may be broken. If your vacuum cleaner with motor brush doesn’t work, the following factors you should know.



Vacuum Cleaner with Motor Brush

Dont throw away the machine too early


Maybe your vacuum cleaner with motor brush doesn't work like it used to. If you just assume that it is old and needs to be replaced, you are totally wrong. Many simple solutions can restore the machine to perfect operation.


First, try to check the trash can or trash bag. Many vacuum cleaners will start to perform poorly when they are full or nearly full. If emptying does not work, the vacuum cleaner may be clogged. Unplug the machine and do some detective work. Is the hose blocked? How about the hose entering the opening of the machine? Can the brush roller rotate freely, or is there a pile of hair and carpet fibers that needs to be removed? The cleaning brush roller can magically rejuvenate the vacuum cleaner. Regular inspection and maintenance of your vacuum cleaner will make it operate like a brand new one.


Suppose the motor is broken


Did your vacuum cleaner with motor brush suddenly shut down during the cleaning process? Will it do this repeatedly? It is easy to assume that such performance means that the motor has burned out, and you may deal with it by buying a new vacuum cleaner.


But it is more likely that the vacuum cleaner motor is only overheating because the trash bin or bag is full, or hair or fibers lock the brush roller and cause overheating. Check for these problems and blockages, and then try to turn the machine back on. Your vacuum cleaner may have an automatic shutdown function that shuts down the motor when it overheats; once it cools down, it may restart.


Please note that some models have a manual reset button, which needs to be pressed to reset the motor. For instructions on how to reset the model, please consult your manufacturer.


In order to prevent such downtime, please check the various parts of the machine regularly: trash bin or trash bag, hose, hose connection and brush roller.



Vacuum Cleaner with Motor Brush

Running over the cord

Vacuum cleaner cords are tough and can usually withstand some trauma, but running with a spinning brush over an electrical cord is a bad idea. That same motion that forces the dirt up into your vacuum cleaner can fray or damage the exterior of the cord. Over time, even the best cords will start to show damage, making them unsafe for use.