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July 17,2021

Nowadays, carpets have become a popular decoration in many families. It can not only increase the atmosphere, but also prevent children from falling. But the cleaning of carpets has always been a headache. Floor mat carpets are particularly easy to contain dirt, let alone large carpets. And it’s also a good place to hide the pets fur and the debris that children usually eat at home, etc., can be said to be a small garbage dump. So can carpets be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and what factors should be considered when buying a thick carpet cleaner? This article will give you some references.



Filter function


If the filtration system is not done well, it will cause secondary pollution to the indoor air. The dust is originally static, but when the vacuum cleaner is turned on, the dust will drift with the wind, which will endanger the health of the family. It would be a tragedy to buy such a vacuum cleaner. In order to avoid such things from happening, a vacuum cleaner is a good choice. It also ensures that dust does not escape back into the air.


The structure of household vacuum cleaners contains a specific filter material---sponge, but this material is actually very poor in filtration; Another is activated carbon filter, although it can increase the adsorption of dust, the bigger hole still makes filtration poor. While microfiber cloth has a finer texture, better filtering performance than the previous two, and the price is relatively affordable. Therefore, this material can be considered when choosing a household vacuum cleaner.


Thick carpet cleaner



Battery life is extremely important. For example, you plan to clean in the morning, but if the vacuum cleaner battery is not available at this time, there will be no electricity at the half of cleaning, which will undoubtedly disrupt your schedule. Therefore, the battery life of the vacuum cleaner must be guaranteed. It’s better to have spare batteries.


Suction power


For plenty of garbage, to clean up all of it, you need a strong “appetite”. The suction power is related to whether you can clean clearly. The type of floor determines the level of suction required. For example, low suction works well for hard floors, while carpets require higher suction. At present, the suction power of vacuum cleaners on the market ranges from 3000-20000PA. In our opinion, the range from 5k PA to 10k PA is better. Too low suction power is not enough, and too high a waste of electricity.




Due to frequent use at home, thick carpet cleaners should be a strong and durable, so here you have to pay attention to its shell material. Stainless steel material is a good option, because it is wear-resistant, impact-resistant and not easy to age.


Thick carpet cleaner

Vacuum noise --- decibel level


Normally, the vacuum cleaner will make a certain sound after it is powered on. In general, it is about 80 decibels. A better vacuum cleaner should only have the wind sound after power-on, and should not be mixed with other noises. Therefore, you should pay attention to it.




Some vacuum cleaners can not only sweep the carpet, but also remove mites. This kind of multifunctional dust collector may cost more, but it is more efficient.



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