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July 19,2021

With the continuous changes in people's lives, have increasingly become an indispensable appliance in household cleaning. It is popular for its high dust removal rate, easy operation and no noise. It can serve better and reduce the burden of cleaning. The cleaning efficiency is greatly improved.


Types of silent vacuum cleaner

Silent vacuum cleaners are roughly divided into three categories on the market now, horizontal vacuum cleaners, upright  vacuum cleaners, and handheld vacuum cleaners. But people who use corded vacuum cleaners are still suffering from noise. Let’s discuss how to reduce noise together.


Silent vacuum cleaner

How does the noise occur?


It’s common phenomenon for vacuum cleaners to make noise. The reason is that the vacuum cleaner sucks litter into the dust bag by vacuum, that is, negative pressure. The vacuum is generated by the vortex fan driven by the motor. The fan speed is as high as 20,000 rpm, which is not achieved by ordinary motors. At this speed, a series motor is adopted, the higher the speed, the louder the noise. In general, the noise of a vacuum cleaner is 85 decibels, which is twice as high as that of a refrigerator. Because it produces high-frequency noise, it is very harsh for people. For vacuum cleaner, the greater the power, the louder the noise. The noise of a sealed one can be reduced by about 5 decibels.


How to reduce the noise of the vacuum cleaner?


  • The accessories do not match. Many friends think that it is easy to remove one accessory and change to another,such as replacing the round brushes or nozzles of other models, but because it is not the original, there will be abnormal noise after replacement, which is caused by the mismatch of accessories.


  • If the machine has a clatter sound, it is probably caused by the clogging in the suction hose and filter of the vacuum cleaner. If this happens, please check whether these places are blocked. If the blockage occurs, you’d betterclean up immediately.


  • Muffler failure. Generally, corded vacuum cleaners are not silent, and it is difficult to make no sound at all, but they are also within the standard range and will not cause bad effects on people's lives. However, if the noise suddenly increases, it will be abnormal. It is probably because the muffler of the vacuum cleaner is malfunctioning, Therefore, ifthe noise suddenly increases, this factor you must consider.


  • Inhalation of metal materials.If the vacuum cleaner makes a clicking sound, the dust bucket may suck large metal materials. If any material hits the dust bucket during the cleaning work, you can pull out the dust bucket and inspect it. In this case, it is necessary to clean the contents of the dust bucket.


  • Collision caused by internal structure damage. If other factors are removed, please check whether the vacuum cleaner impeller is deformed and hits its shell, whether the motor rotor hits the main shaftand whether the motor bearing is damaged, etc. These factors also need to be clearly confirmed. If it is not handled in time, it is easy to affect the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner and have a negative impact on it. However, if you are not sure whether these points are damaged, you can directly contact the manufacturer for after-sales services.

Silent vacuum cleaner


In short, the corded vacuum cleaners must make noise. When in use, you must pay attention to the above factors. Isn’t troublesome?


Cordless vacuum cleaner is a good option for you, it’s not only silent, but also easy operation. We are sure you will love it. For more silent vacuum cleaner, please click here, we will give you best service and competitive price.