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July 23,2021

There are many kinds of vacuum cleaner on the market, including handheld or horizontal, but do you know what is the rope wet dry vacuum cleaner? Rope wet dry vacuum cleaner is also known as suction suction machine, as the name suggests, it can not only absorb moisture but also dry garbage. This article will give you some introduction.


Rope wet dry vacuum cleaner

The working principle of rope wet dry vacuum cleaner


The difference between the wet and dry vacuum cleaner and the general vacuum cleaner is that it has a centrifugal chamber. When you vacuum, water, dust and so on will be sucked into the centrifugal chamber. After high speed running, the water will be thrown into the collecting bucket. The remaining lighter impurities enter the dust bag after centrifugation. This is a rope wet dry vacuum cleaner. The general industrial vacuum cleaner usually has several layers of filter, such as wet dry vacuum cleaner for filter material with single filter core filter. The dry type is through filter core and filter bag double filter system, the filter core's general filtering precision is about 10 microns.


Advantages of rope wet dry vacuum cleaner


  • Its dust absorption capacity is very amazing, the beautiful figure, large capacity. The powerful motor, make itboth water and dust all the first grade. And the vacuum cleaner has two different ways of drainage, with your choice, simple operation, flexible and stable.
  • the vacuum cleaner is another powerful is that it allows the motor to maintain a constant temperature state, greatly enhance its lifespan, and its efficiency is very high, the maximum continuous working 24h.

Rope wet dry vacuum cleaner

Disadvantages of rope wet dry vacuum cleaner


Because its internal device is more complex, it wastes electricity. Because the volume is large, the internal structure is complex, and the washing is not convenient. If the weather is relatively cold, it is necessary to prevent the dust and moisture inside the machine from freezing, causing the vacuum cleaner to be blocked. Some antifreeze is available.


Daily maintenance of rope wet dry vacuum cleaner


  • After each use, clean the dust bag and dust container with special cleaning agent in time, and blow dry, and do not use dry dust bag.And check whether it is damaged.
  • When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, water or neutral detergent should be selected. No corrosive detergent should be prohibited. Otherwise, the shell will crack.
  • In order to prevent the suction of the vacuum cleaner from falling, the filter net and cloth bag should be cleaned regularly. After washing and drying in the shade, the suction can be resumed.

Last few words


In fact, rope wet dry vacuum cleaner can not only be applied to the daily family, but also can be widely used in the shopping mall or other commercial places. Their advantages are obvious. If you don't know how to choose a reassuring one, click here, as a reliable vacuum cleaner manufacturer, we will give you some professional advice.