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July 20,2021

There are many types of vacuum cleaners on the market, including typically upright and horizontal vacuum cleaners, with various tools and accessories. But no matter what kind of vacuum cleaner, when buying, you must often see the color page, marked "brushless motor", and the salesman will explain for you “it stands for good performance” . Many buyers doubt what is the brushless motor? Why is the powerful brushless vacuum cleaner better? This article will answer your questions.


Powerful brushless vacuum cleaner



The brushless vacuum cleaner is one that sucks dust directly into the vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners have a rotating brush roller through which air is suctioned. In the brushless vacuum, there is no brush roller, and the air enters the dust chamber directly.




There are two types of motors on brushless vacuum cleaners-with sensor or without sensor. Models with this feature have a magnetic sensor that can notify when electronic devices in the vacuum are operating. Models without sensors use a powerful processor to sense the rotor position and perform corresponding operations.




The head shape of some powerful brushless vacuum cleaners is different from most traditional vacuum cleaners. For example, the Bissell brushless vacuum cleaner has a V-shaped suction head that sucks out large and fine debris without using a rotating brush. The dirt is then sucked into a container, which can be removed from the vacuum cleaner and dumped into a trash can.




Brushless vacuum cleaners are best used in homes with hard floors (such as wooden floors, tiles or laminate floors), or in areas where the brushes of typically vacuum cleaners may damage the carpet or rug. Low-pile carpets may also benefit from the absence of brush rollers. In homes where the carpet is standard and the medium pile or vacuum cleaner will not be used on hard floors, a traditional vacuum cleaner may be the best.


Powerful brushless vacuum cleaner


However, Brush motor is a rotary motor with a brush device to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy or mechanical energy into electrical energy. The working principle you can imagine there is a hollow cylinder and two poles of magnetite are placed on both ends. There is a small round rod in the middle of the cylinder that can be rotated. The small round rod is equipped with "fan blades", and the fan blades are wrapped with coils. The brush is placed on the fan blade. After the brush is energized, the fan blade has different magnetic poles due to electromagnetic induction. Because the magnetic poles on both sides of the column wall generate repulsive force, it rotates quickly, therefore, the electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy.



The problem is that there is friction between the brush and the small round rod, which not only reduces efficiency and increases noise, but also causes heat and sparks easily. Because of its high resistance, low efficiency and low output power, The lifespan of a brush motor is several times shorter than that of a brushless motor. And the brushes always need be repaired, it will cost more.


All in all, brushless motor is better than brush motor. When investing in vacuum cleaner, powerful brushless vacuum cleaner is a good option. Click here, take it home at once.