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July 20,2021

With the birth of home cleaning technology, we are slowly freeing our hands and enjoy life. There are many household power vacuum cleaners on the market now, which are divided into horizontal vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners, and handheld vacuum cleaners and so on. With so many styles and types, it is really tormenting for people who have difficulty choosing. Should choose a handheld vacuum cleaner or a vertical one for home cleaning? Here we talk about together.

Upright vacuum cleaner


This vacuum cleaner is upright. The difference between the vertical type and the horizontal type is that the three-dimensional design does not take up space, it is convenient to store, easy to operate; the vertical vacuum cleaner has a general suction power, which is very useful while cleaning items such as car, keyboard, sofa, and electrical appliances. The multi-functional design is a good option for small-sized houses.


Power vacuum cleaner


Handheld vacuum cleaner


It is characterized by its small size and light weight, and it is very convenient to carry and use. Especially beds and sofas, handheld can achieve better cleaning effect. However, because the handheld vacuum cleaner cannot be parked upright, it is very inconvenient to bend over every time you put it down or pick it up. In addition, frequent bending may cause waist injury and increase waist fatigue. This is more suitable for lazy people and those with lovely pets.


Power vacuum cleaner

How to choose a household power vacuum cleaner


  • Working environment: According to the use of the environmental level and the substance sucked (corrosive substances should choose a plastic bucket vacuum cleaner), you can determine whether to use an explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, a plastic bucket vacuum cleaner, or a stainless steel bucket vacuum cleaner.


  • Vacuuming efficiency: Users often say that the cleaning efficiency of vacuum cleaners is not as good as that of brooms. To some extent, this is also the fact. Broom is a better choicewhen cleaning larger paper scraps. But the broom cannot make the ground completely clean (small dust, debris), it will cause dust to fly. However, the power vacuum cleaner can deep clean some corners that broom can’t reach.


  • Tightness: all parts of the vacuum cleaner should be connected tightly, especially the junction between the dust collection part and the power part. The inspection method is: turn on the power switch, touchthe joints, if there is no feeling of air leakage, the airtightness is good, otherwise it is poor. A vacuum cleaner with a poor seal not only has a poor dust collection effect, but also consumes a lot of power.


  • Suction: the suction is strong enough, and the unit of suction is reflected by the degree of vacuum. The greater the vacuum, the greater the suction, generally expressed in Household use 27Kpa up and down is better, too low suction power is not enough, too high is a bit wasteful. Handheld type generally reaches 16Kpa.


  • Filtration: Pay attention to prevent secondary pollution. The inhaled dust is not filtered. Secondary pollution is a big invisible killer of vacuum cleaners, so pay attention to the filter material of vacuum cleaner exhaust.


Whether the power vacuum cleaner is handheld or upright, you should choose one that is most suitable for your house. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone! If you have other doubts, contact us, we are happy to service for you.