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July 21,2021

If you want to clean large area carpet easily, a vacuum cleaner is a good choice. But they tend to be cumbersome and inconvenient to use. Lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to operate and can clean up places that regular vacuums can't reach. This article focuses on why every household should have one.


Lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner

Small and lightweight

Most lightweight handheld vacuum cleaners are less than half the size of larger ones, almost less than 5 pounds. Even some models are so small they can almost fit in a pocket. Their compact size not only makes them portable, but also easy to store on shelves or corners in closets, laundry rooms or kitchen cabinets etc.


Their smaller size makes them an excellent option for smaller living spaces, such as apartments and dorms, where storage space is at a premium but you still want to keep it clean. In my opinion, the main benefit of its smaller size is that it makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas.


Lightweight vacuum cleaner is all fairly lightweight. This allows you to easily carry the equipment around the house for some quick on-site vacuuming, as well as lift them up stairs with less risk of falling over than lugging a giant vacuum cleaner. This is especially beneficial for older users who may struggle with bulky devices.


Perfect for quick cleanups

Sometimes you only need to clean up a small area or deal with a mess. Handheld vacuum cleaner will do a great job. For example, whether you have a bunch of pet hair on your couch or your kids are making a mess while eating (again), handheld vacuum cleaner does a fantastic job at cleaning quickly and efficiency. Depending on the types of “quick messes” you needed, then choose a model or brand. Some handheld vacuums are designed for pet hair, while others are designed to handle wet and dry debris.


Suitable for everywhere

Because of its portable design, the handheld vacuum can be used almost anywhere you want and still work as you expect. This applies to both models with and without a power cord. Cordless models are also ideal for outdoor use, such as cleaning your car or sucking dirt off anything about to enter your home. You can also take it with you to the beach so you can quickly remove sand from your equipment as well as from your car. Many people use them for a variety of purposes while camping. The uses of lightweight handheld vacuum cleaners are almost endless, especially if you buy the cordless version.


Lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner



It would be natural to think that due to their small size and light-weight nature, that handheld vacuums aren’t very powerful. But, really this couldn’t be less true. The overall power will vary from unit to unit and brand to brand, but there are a wide variety of handheld vacuums available that pack a powerful punch. As long as you do your homework when buying a vacuum, you shouldn’t be disappointed with the amount of power that comes along with your purchase. At a very minimum, make sure your vacuum runs on at least 4 amps so it can pick up pet hair, spills and dust bunnies without needing to make multiple passes over the area.


In summary, it’s worthwhile to investing in a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner. Don’t hesitate, it will make your life more easier and happier.