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July 20,2021

Many people have a high suction vacuum cleaner at home to help you deal with dust and dirt, making your lives more comfortable and cleaner. But after a long time of use, the vacuum cleaner will become very dirty, which requires cleaning and maintenance. But what should you do? This article will give you some ideas.


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How to clean the outside of the vacuum cleaner


The exterior of the high suction vacuum cleaner is relatively easy to clean. You only need to dip a towel in soapy water or detergent, and then gently wipe it. But to prevent the appearance of plastic cracking and fading, never use organic solvents to clean it. Certainly, it is also prohibitive to wipe it with hard objects such as steel wire balls to avoid damage to the surface of the machine.


How to clean the filtration of the vacuum cleaner


  • If the filter is a filter medium made of filter paper, gently brush the dust on the filter paper with a soft brush. Be gentle when cleaning, and be careful not to break it.


  • If the filter is made of flannel, it should be cleaned with cold water and then dried. Never use hot water to soak or dry, otherwise, it will block the pores and affect the adsorption of dust.


How to remove the odor of the vacuum cleaner


Many people who have a high suction vacuum cleaner know that when using it, the hot stench from the exhaust port is annoying. This problem is very easy to solve. Before you use the vacuum cleaner, dip cotton with a bit of lemon juice and put it in the dirt tube of the vacuum cleaner. When you use the power vacuum cleaner again, not only will the room have no peculiar smell, but also a faint fragrance of lemon.


How to clean the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner


Firstly, discard all the dust and debris in the dust bag, secondly, wash it again with detergent, then clean it up again, and finally dry it. If you put the dust bag back without drying, the dust bag will become extremely dirty.


In addition to brushing the parts of the high suction vacuum cleaner attached to the ground, you can also use toothpicks or bamboo sticks to take out the entangled garbage. However, because of the strong adhesion of silk threads and hair, they can only be removed by hand.


Routine maintenance of the vacuum cleaner


  • It is important to check and clean it regularly.


Before using, you should observe whether the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner is damaged. If it is damaged, stop using it immediately. In addition, check whether the dust bag has been cleaned. It is also very important to check whether the vacuum cleaner's switches, wires, plugs, etc. are in good condition.


If there are no problems, then continue to use it. In the meanwhile, it is necessary to regularly check whether the internal parts of the machine are rusty and the regular cleaning of the high suction vacuum cleaner is mainly to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is kept clean for a long time and does not accumulate dust. If you use the vacuum cleaner frequently, you only need to perform a full cleaning after using it. 


  • It is recommended that the use time is generally not more than half an hour.


One is that the power of the vacuum cleaner is not enough to maintain, and the other is that if it is used for a long time, it will cause overheating inside and affect the lifespan of some In addition, pay attention to the placement. It is generally appropriate to place it in a dry and ventilated area, not in a humid or corrosive environment.


The Future of the High Suction Vacuum Cleaner


In recent years, many countries have begun to pay attention to the problem of environmental pollution and put forward new and higher requirements for environmental protection. As the issue of energy conservation and emission reduction has been raised to a higher level, high suction vacuum cleaners have also become popular.


The selling of high suction vacuum cleaners has created a huge demand for the energy-saving and environmental protection industries and has led to the rapid development of the energy-saving and environmental protection industries.


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