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July 20,2021

Does falling hair often make you irritable? It is not only ubiquitous but difficult to clean up. Don’t worry! A vacuum cleaner can help you solve this problem.


With the development of home cleaning technology, more and more consumers choose to use vacuum cleaners to reduce the burden of housework. Among them, wireless vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular products in recent years, which is known for no power constraints, light and convenience. However, most consumers often have difficulties when buying a wireless vacuum cleaner. For hair vacuum cleaner, which is better to invest in?


The most technologically advanced wireless vacuum cleaners currently on the market are represented by handheld vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners. With the same performance, technically speaking, handheld vacuum cleaners are in common with upright vacuum cleaners. In terms of suction, both two can meet the home vacuuming requirements. In terms of function, whether it is floor, desktop, bed, or roof, relying on the assistance of multi-functional accessories, it can work perfectly. Therefore, the biggest difference between handheld and upright, lies in the comfort and convenience to use.


Handheld vacuum cleaners are often known for their black technology. The technologically-sense advertising and cool product design have won the favor of many consumers, but in daily long-term use, some unfriendly user experience will be exposed.


Hair vacuum cleaner


Handheld vacuum cleaner


  • The first problem is that it feels heavy. Women generally have a light posture and lack of arm strength. The weight of the handheld vacuum cleaner is concentrated on the hands. If it is used for a long time, the wrist will be sore. In use, the handheld vacuum cleaner should always carry the main unit when cleaning, the weight is on the hand. After 5-10 minutes cleaning, the hand will become tired and numb, and the whole machine will be heavier when cleaning high places.


  • The second problem is inconvenience. Handheld vacuum cleaners cannot be parked upright. When cleaning, youneed to suspend the machine to tidy up things. Bend down and put the machine on the ground first, and then bend down to pick up the machine from the ground after finishing. In addition, when switching various accessories, the machine must be placed on the ground and squatted to operate. It is very inconvenient to bend over and squat several times.


  • The thirdproblem is that it is likely to perforate the wall to install the charging stand in order to be convenient, but it can may destroy the original decoration.


Hair vacuum cleaner



Upright vacuum cleaner


  • The center of gravity of the machine is low, and the handle of the armrest is lifted lightly;


  • The floor brush presses the floor vertically, which improves the floor descaling ability;


  • Combined with the innovative rolling brush wheel drive, the floor brush can move forward automatically, without any effort when pushing, especially when vacuuming on the carpet, the hand feels lighter, and no matter how long it is used, you will not be tired;


  • It can stand upright and park during the cleaning process, and can organize desktop items or answer a phone call at any time;


  • The vertical floor vacuuming mode can be switched to the handheld mode by pressing a button, no need to bend down to put the machine on the ground for disassembly;


  • When charging is needed, the charging stand can be placed in any place where there is a socket, without damaging the wall, which perfectly solves the troubles of consumers.


In summary, handheld vacuum cleaner is more portable than upright vacuum cleaner. And it can easily clean some corners that other cleaners can’t reach. Every coins has two sides. Due to you must bend down several times while cleaning, it may damage your back.

Upright vacuum cleaner is low power, and is unavailable to clean some blind angle. It all depend on choice.


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