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July 21,2021

Did you notice that the floor is very clean when you step into the shopping mall each time? And you must believe that cleaners are very responsible to their job. When it comes to the clean of the shopping mall, we will think of the cleaning tools like mop and besom, among them, the commercial indoor tank vacuum cleaner is of vital importance.


Why do we need commercial vacuum cleaners?


Some people may say that it is not necessary for the commercial vacuum cleaner and the household vacuum cleaner is ok. The answer is no. The vacuum cleaners for commercial and for households are not similar. Here are some benefits of vacuum cleaners for commercial and then you’ll know why it is necessary for them.

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Advantages of vacuum cleaners for commercial



The investment in an item like this is great, although it will cost more at the beginning. Regular work with this machine is going to save money in the long run, because there is no need for periodic deep cleaning that may disrupt usual production or activities with daily maintenance. This machine also enables recycling of debris like swarf and oil separation. Additionally, staff working in clean environments are healthier.


Designed for larger area clean

For every successful business, a visually appealing interior for clients and the cleanest working environment for employees means proper and regular cleaning. This means a high-quality commercial vacuum cleaner is a necessity. It has longer chords and provides other benefits that other vacuum cleaners for households do not have. Especially when you have a wide district that needs to be cleaned, it is a treasure. It allows to hold more dirt that may be carried into the communal office area. Besides, with this machine, fewer people are needed. Then, you save on labor costs.


Better for environment

This machine is better for the environment than the office cleaning staple of wet mopping or carpet cleaning. Whereas wet mopping and most carpet cleaners rely on water to clean, vacuums take a more environmentally friendly approach. Commercial vacuuming uses fewer harsh chemicals than mopping. Wet cleaning methods use detergent or soap to clean carpets, which are often diluted into water. After the cleaning is finished, the water needs to be disposed of—with the chemical cleaner still mixed in. This can contaminate waterways if not correctly disposed of.


Decrease allergens

With the passage of time, there are many micro-particles such as dust, pollen, dead skin cells, and even mold spores in your carpets and in the cracks of your hardwood floors. With low-power household vacuum cleaners or other tools like wet mopping, it can’t be cleaned. While with this, you can reduce the micro-particle.



Sturdy and durable is the biggest reason why companies and business places prefer this commercial machine. Vacuum cleaners for commercial are of higher quality with better engineering than the machine for household. The commercial one will last longer, perform better, and have greater safety than standard, cheap household one, because they are expected to withstand harsher environments and have a longer lifespan. Rugged commercial vacuums can be used for many years, however, the residential one requires constant repair and maintenance.


More user-friendly

This machine has a greater capacity for commercial applications. Larger capacity means more autonomy and more efficiency, thus increasing work productivity. It has a comfortable system to discharge the collected material, either a detachable container or an endless Longopac bag. This machine is stable. Sturdy chassis construction and wheels with a brake allow the easy and safe use of this machine.


The application of the vacuum cleaner for commercial will remarkablely increase the safety and the efficiency of your business, and you will not regret investing in this. Brotec is a professional supplier of vacuum cleaners, please click here if you want to know more product information.