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July 21,2021

Keeping facilities clean is critical to your company image. Cleaning issues can compromise employee safety and customer experience. Regular vacuuming is necessary, but sometimes corded vacuums are too much hassle. A commercial cordless vacuum cleaner is a viable solution. A high-performance commercial cordless vacuum cleaner, like other ordinary vacuum cleaners, has three indispensable elements: strong suction, strong filtration ability and durability. Besides that, here are four benefits that you may not have considered.



Commercial cordless vacuum cleaners

Agility to go where other vacuum cleaners can't


Cordless vacuums are flexible, fast and very agile. You can take it where a corded vacuum cleaner can't reach or is inconvenient to use. No need to look for an outlet or drag out a heavy intrusive extension cord. You just grab and go.


Convenience for quick cleanups in high traffic space


When you need a quick cleanup, pulling out a corded vacuum cleaner and finding a socket to plug it in can be very inconvenient -- especially in high-traffic areas. Cordless vacuum cleaners allow you to solve problems quickly and efficiently without making a fuss or interrupting traffic flow.



Quiet technology makes it great for cleaning populated areas



When clean a dining area or showroom floor, you’d better not bother you customers with a noisy vacuum cleaner. Cordless vacuum technology makes them super quiet, so you can do what you need to do, and your customers will barely notice. Fewer interruptions mean a better and more valuable customer experience.



Safer than corded vacuum cleaner



Commercial cordless vacuums are often safer than corded ones. Especially in crowded areas. People may trip over the cord or even the machine if they have to be unattended while plugged in. Electricity also brings its own set of safety issues. Many safety problems are eliminated when you use a cordless vacuum cleaner. It's not as intrusive as corded vacuum cleaners, so you can get in and out with as little interference as possible.


The working intensity and flexibility of commercial vacuum cleaners is greater than that of household vacuum cleaners. Because the working environment of industrial vacuum cleaners is more complicated, the decoration design is diversified, the cleaning quality requirements are high, the noise control is strict. Moreover, commercial cordless vacuum cleaners are used for a long time and work intensity, so it is determined that the product quality must be guaranteed and the functions must be comprehensive.