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July 17,2021

Carpet cleaning has always annoyed many people. With the development of technology, a carpet vacuum cleaner can help you, however, you'd better understand how many types does carpet vacuum cleaners😃.

Carpet vacuum cleaner

From appearance:


Bucket vacuum cleaner: It is a wet and dry model with strong suction power and excellent quietness. However, it is large in size and not suitable for household use. It is mainly used in public places such as hotels and shopping malls.


Upright vacuum cleaner: It is suitable for cleaning large-area carpets. It has gradually evolved into a portable + upright two-in-one. In addition to cleaning the floor, it can also clean sofas, tables, cars, etc. with a variety of accessories.


Although the two-in-one is beneficial, there are also many problems. The noise is large, the dust holding capacity is small. Compared to handheld and horizontal type, it’s much heavier and less suction, which is very embarrassing.


Handheld vacuum cleaner: It is easy to operate and has a heavy filtration system, which can effectively filter air and dust and avoid secondary pollution. And the head is flat, which can easily clean all the corners.


Horizontal vacuum cleaner: It has relatively strong suction power, which can easily clean large residues and small corners in the kitchen and bathroom, but the noise is relatively large.

Carpet vacuum cleaner

From power supply:


Wired vacuum cleaner: This is the most traditional vacuum cleaner. Generally speaking, compared to the same price, wired vacuum cleaners have stronger power and greater suction power, but if the wire is not long enough, it will be not very convenient to use.


Wireless vacuum cleaner: In recent years, due to the development of technology, wireless vacuum cleaners have become the mainstream. Moreover, wireless vacuum cleaners are indeed much more convenient and light to use.



From function:


Dry vacuum cleaner mainly absorbs dry objects such as dust and debris. Remember to avoiding water when in use.


Dry and wet vacuum cleaner: The water filter vacuum cleaner uses water as a medium to deposit dust and garbage in the dust cup; when the dust cup does not contain water, it can be used as a dry vacuum cleaner. 


From filtering method:


Dust bag vacuum cleaner: Dust garbage is filtered through the dust bag in the machine. On the whole, the advantage of using a dust bag as a cleaner is that it is easy to clean but every day. The disadvantage is that the dust bag needs to be replaced. In many countries, the use of dust bag-type disposable paper bags is still more popular, because it is more convenient.


Dust cup vacuum cleaner: The dust cup filter is to separate garbage and gas through the high-speed rotating vacuum airflow of the motor, and then through HEPA and other filter materials to purify the air to avoid secondary pollution. The advantage is that there is no need to change the dust bag frequently; the disadvantage is that it needs to be cleaned after vacuuming. Most vacuum cleaners are dust cup filtration. It is also an upgrade of dust bag filtration. Another advantage is that it has no consumables and avoids cost more.


Water filtration: Using water as a filter medium makes dust and microorganisms locked in the water, and further filtering makes the exhaust gas cleaner than the inhaled air. The water filtration effect is unquestionable. It can be used for both dry and wet purposes, such as absorb conventional broken glass, nail metal, rice residue turbidity, sauce, beverage tea, leaves, decoration ash, etc., which is difficult for ordinary vacuum cleaners. The only disadvantage is that you need to drain water every time you use it, and after using it, you need to clean right now.


From the way of vacuuming:


Drum vacuum cleaner: The cleaning method is to roll through the motor of the suction head to achieve the purpose of absorption;


Suction vacuum cleaner: The motor generated wind power, through the pressure difference to clean garbage.


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