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July 29,2021

With the rapid development of cleaning appliances, automatic vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular on the market. Many families are still hesitating whether to buy a vacuum cleaner. Actually, it all depends on your families’ situation. Then what kind of family needs an automatic vacuum cleaner? We have summarized the following four points for you. If you fit one of them, you may require an automatic vacuum cleaner.


Automatic vacuum cleaner


Scenario 1: Family with severe hair loss


People who have pets must often be annoyed by their hair loss. They are shed all the time every day, and the hair is flying everywhere, so cleaning up is time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, when cleaning hairs, an automatic vacuum cleaner can help you solve the problem of pet hairs.


In addition to pet hair loss, people who get hair loss also need it. Especially for girls, the hair is already long, and it will be more obvious and harder to clean up if it falls on the ground. Using a broom to clean the hair will also wrap around the broom, making it even more tiring to clean up.


Scenario 2: Diverse ground surface


If you have carpets and wooden floors in your home, you need to buy a vacuum cleaner. Wooden floors can be cleaned with a broom, but carpets can’t. The automatic vacuum cleaner can replace different brush heads to clean up different scene mess, including wooden floors, carpets, ceramic tiles and etc. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with LED lights, you can see where the dust and garbage are when cleaning dark places such as bed and sofa bottoms.


Scenario 3: Family that needs to clean multiple scenes


The automatic vacuum cleaner is equipped with multiple accessories, which can clean multiple scenes. For example, the long flat suction head can penetrate deep into the gaps and clean the dust or small particles between doors and windows.


The round head can clean curtains, keyboards, doors and windows. The soft brush will not damage the furniture and can effectively clean up the surface dust.


The electric bed brush can clean fabric furniture, such as beds, sofas, etc., through the flapping of the electric bed brush and strong suction, it can clean up mites and dust.


It can also be transformed into a car vacuum cleaner, allowing you to achieve versatility in one machine, which improves the cost-effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner.


Automatic vacuum cleaner


Scenario 4: Family with older parents


Due to the development of life, more and more consumers do not live with their parents, and as their parents get older, it is inevitable that they will be a little bit powerless when cleaning daily hygiene. The automatic vacuum cleaner is equipped with an extension rod, so you don't need to bend down and only need a light push to complete the cleaning. The automatic vacuum cleaner can make cleaning easier for parents.


Last few words


Regarding to whether to buy an automatic vacuum cleaner or not, if you meet one of the above four scenarios, the answer is “Yes”. The automatic vacuum cleaner can solve 90% of your ground hygiene. If you don’t know how to choose a best suitable for your, contact us, we will give you professional advice.