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December 06,2021

High-end cleaning appliances have grabbed so much market shares in recent years since the application of high-tech of intelligent cleaning machines surges. Among them, hand-held vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots are the two most popular tools. Both of them make the cleaning work easier compared to the traditional sweeping tools. Both of them have their own pros and cons. Let’s dive in.


We will compare the two sweeping machines from three aspects, function, cleaning effects, intelligence, and dust collecting boxes.


Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner




Hand-held vacuum cleaners, also well known as wireless or cordless vacuum cleaners, have brought great convenience for people’s daily life because it allows people to fetch it and start to clean the floor at any time without the trouble of cord. Each brand's dust sweepers vary, but most of them have some common features.


Because it is a cordless cleaning machine, it can be used to not only clean the floor but also clean sofas, home furnishings, and curtains. You can also detach the main part and carry it out to clean your car carpet. You can use a hand-held vacuum cleaner to clean anywhere you want. What’s more, there are many hand-held sweepers with multiple functions such as eliminating ticks and mites and cleaning the gap between your windows up. In short, wireless sweepers are able to clean corners that other cleaning appliances, including cleaning robots and cord vacuum cleaners can’t reach.


In contrast, the floor-sweeping robot is mainly responsible for ground cleaning, whose diversified functions are not comparable to vacuum cleaners. But it can be controlled by Apps on your smart phone. Therefore, it allows you to set cleaning time in advance. Since the development of intelligent sweeping robots is still premature, these machines have their own deadly shortages. For example, they are easily tangled by cables or carpet or any barriers on the ground and due to its small size dust collecting box, you need to replace and clean the box every day. However, if you don’t mind these, you can also choose the floor-sweeping robot.


Cleaning effects


When it comes to cleaning effects, a floor sweeper performs better than a hand-held cleaning machine because the hand-held sweepers clean the floor mainly by sucking the dust and debris on the ground while the floor sweepers clean the floor by small and short broom as well as wet mop. Although the suction of the floor sweeping robot is not comparable to that of the hand-held cleaning machine, its wet mop function can far exceed that of it in ground cleaning. After all, it is impossible to completely remove the dust only by suction, a wet mop still needs. Therefore, in terms of cleaning effect, if the whole house is cleaned, the vacuum cleaner is preferred. If the user has high requirements for ground cleaning, the floor sweeping robot can be selected.




As its name implies, hand-held sweepers require the users to hold them while sweeping the ground. So it still depends on manpower. But compared to the traditional sweeping tools, it is labor-saving since you no longer apply a force on the tool to rub the ground while what you need to do is just holding the weight of the tool and move it to stained places. It also allows the users to stand straight without bending down for a long time.


When it comes to intelligence, floor-sweeping robots perform much better since they can really relieve people from sweeping the ground. And what you need to do is just giving a command on your smart phone and then you can lie on your sofa while waiting the robot to complete its task. Finally, you need to detach the dust collector and clean it up. If there are accidents happened during the cleaning time, it will save you a lot of time. Even the elderly can use it easily. Even if you go out, you can make an appointment in advance. You can grasp the cleaning information on your mobile phone at any time. When you clean, you can automatically plan the cleaning route. It can recharge automatically when there is no power. You don't need to operate by yourself at all.


Dust bin


As we all know, all the cleaning appliances sold on the market require a place to hold the dust and debris collected by themselves. Dust collecting holders can be divided into two types, disposable bags, and a fixed plastic box. The advantage of disposable bags is obvious that you can throw them out once a bag is full of dust and debris while the disadvantage of a fixed plastic box is that you have to clean it up every time you use it. But a fixed plastic box saves money. By the way, both sweeping robots and hand-held cleaning machines are equipped with a fixed plastic box.




We have a deeper understanding of both hand-held vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots after the comparison of functionality, cleaning effect, intelligence, and dust collecting boxes. If you have enough budget and don’t mind the “fool” of intelligent sweeping robots, you can choose the robot. If you have a high demand for clean, you had better choose hand-held vacuum cleaners.