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December 06,2021

When changing seasons, the changes in indoor temperature and humidity may cause the drying shrinkage and crack of floors and furniture at any time. Here are some cleaning and maintenance rules for solid wood floors to make your floors glow all year round.


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Daily maintenance of solid wood floor


  • Appropriately increase indoor humidity


Many people believe that if the outside air comes in in winter, the indoor temperature will drop, and the phenomenon of floor separation will naturally weaken. However, the real cause of floor separation is humidity, not temperature.


In addition, the higher the air temperature, the more water in the saturated state, that is, the indoor humidity in winter is higher than that outside. At this time, changing the cold air outside will only make the room drier.


  • Regular waxing in winter


Solid wood flooring is loved by many consumers for its natural texture and high durability. However, users who have used solid wood floors geothermal heating may find that cracks will appear on the floor after winter.


Experts said that to solve this problem, consumers should apply solid wax to the floor.


Relevant experts revealed that there is often a certain amount of water on the floor. In the case of geothermal heating in winter, the floor will lose water and shrink, and the gap between the floors will increase. At this time, applying solid wax to the floor will reduce the expansion range of the separation joint.


  • The process of geothermal opening and closing should be gradual


When using geothermal heating for the first time, pay attention to heating slowly. If the heating is too fast, the floor may crack and distort due to expansion. Moreover, when geothermal heating is used, the surface temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, at this time, the room temperature is below 22 ℃, and the service life of the floor can also be guaranteed.


When the weather is warm and indoor heating is no longer needed, it should be noted that the geothermal system should be turned off slowly, otherwise it will also affect the service life of the floor.


  • Essential oil treatment


At present, the essential oils used in wood flooring on the market are actually similar to those used in beauty. They are volatile aromatic substances extracted from plant flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, tree roots, etc.


This essential oil has the effects of deep moisturizing, preventing cracking, and repairing subtle cracks. Therefore, this is also the reason why some sellers recommend using essential oil for wood floor maintenance to consumers.


Cleaning of solid wood floor


🔹If there is any stain on the local plate surface, it shall be removed in time


Oil stain, paint, and ink can be wiped with special degreasing oil; If it is residual stains such as blood, fruit juice, red wine, and beer, it can be wiped with a wet rag. Do not use strong acid-base liquid to clean the floor.


🔹Clean the floor regularly


Regularly use a professional floor vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and dust, so as to prevent sand or friction dust from accumulating and scraping the floor surface. The professional floor vacuum cleaner will not damage the floor surface and plays a certain polishing and maintenance effect while cleaning the floor. It can make the floor smoother and brighter while cleaning.


🔹Large areas of water immersion or partial long-term water immersion treatment


If a large area of water immersion occurs accidentally or the bureau is soaked in water for a long time, it shall be sucked dry with a dry cloth in time and allowed to dry naturally. It is strictly prohibited to dry with an electric heater or expose to the sun.


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