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December 06,2021

Vacuum cleaners have become an essential and irreplaceable household appliance in daily lives. Due to its functionality and high efficiency, many young even old begin to have a try. Therefore, to keep up with the trend, many manufacturers launched various kinds of ones, with different designs, different functions, different shapes, etc. Certainly, competition means creativity, which also means that we have more options.


For common families, the wireless one is undoubtedly a good choice. However, others may need a deep cleaning vacuum cleaner. As stated above, different functions mean different effects, how do choose the better one among them? Keep reading! You will get an answer.


What’s your choice?


Nowadays, it can be divided into two types according to the function, there are wireless vacuum cleaner and wired vacuum cleaner.


👉Wireless vacuum cleaner


Wireless vacuum cleaner


The lack of wire constraints is the biggest advantage of wireless ones. This means that in addition to the ground, with different suction heads, places such as beds, bedding, sofas, windowsills, curtains, and ceilings can also be cleaned. In other words,  it has excellent multi-scene applicability. With the lightweight design in recent years, the wireless one has a very good experience.


Compared with its wired one, the biggest feature of the wireless on is portability. It can clean the home easily in your hand, and the compact design will not bring more burden to your hands.


For the mainstream wireless ones currently on the market, most of them use brushless motors. Only from the perspective of home applications, wireless ones are not very different from wired ones in terms of suction power, and they are often better than wired ones in noise control.


The shortcomings are also obvious because the wireless one relies on the battery in the main unit to work, so it will have one more battery life problem than the wired one. If the manufacturer does not handle the three-way balance of suction, battery life, and weight when designing the product, then the user will not have a good experience.


👉Wired vacuum cleaner


Wired vacuum cleaner


In comparison, the suction power of a wired one is better, and because it is connected to the wire, there will be no trouble in terms of battery life. It can clean the home in a very leisurely way, which is incomparable to a wireless one.


Moreover, because most wired ones are bucket-type, they must be better than wireless vacuum cleaners in terms of holding dust. This is also one of the advantages of wired ones.


However, in the process of home use, the wired one must be viewed from two perspectives. The advantage of wired one is that there is no need to worry about battery life, but you will also feel the constraints of wires in the use of home life. But have to say, for deep cleaning, the wired vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly a good choice.


After a comprehensive comparison, it is not difficult to find that in the case of home use, without considering suction, whether it is lightweight, use body feel, noise, etc., wireless ones should be more suitable than a wired one. It can give us great convenience and efficiency improvement in our home life. Besides being heavier, the wired one has all the above-mentioned advantages, let alone deep cleaning.


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