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December 06,2021

The dirt collector should be a common household appliance in many families. With the development of technology, the old and heavy-wired dirt collector is still developing in a more convenient and intelligent direction. Most of the dirt collectors now have developed into a wireless mode. Why are cordless rod vacuum cleaners so popular?


Why are Cordless Dirt Collectors Popular?

Wholesale Cordless Rod Vacuum Cleaner OEM Supplier, Factory,Manufacturer


Why do cordless dirt collectors become popular quickly? First of all, users' cleaning methods are changing with the advancement of technology. The efficiency and convenience of wireless have replaced the fatigue and clumsiness of brooms and wired vacuum sweepers, and have become the mainstream cleaning tool.


Secondly, the development of intelligence and the emergence of sweepers can solve many cleaning problems, but the area above the ground still needs vacuum cleaners. The convenience of wireless vacuum cleaners highlights their efficient cleaning performance. More people hope to be freed from the heavy floor cleaning. The convenient cleaning features of cordless dirt collectors cater to the pain points of market demand.


In short, wireless vacuum cleaners have risen suddenly and become a leader in the field of cleaning appliances. The reasons are not only consumers' pursuit of clean life, but also a good experience brought about by product upgrades.


Take the cordless rod vacuum cleaner, which has developed rapidly recently, as an example, it has also experienced a long period of product innovation and market competition. Until today when the technology is mature and the user experience is greatly improved, this category has not been recognized by most families.


Five Methods for Choosing Cordless Dirt Collectors


An easy-to-use cordless vacuum cleaner can easily relieve the troubles of household cleaning, and it is a must-have practical household item at present. But many users do not know how to choose cordless dirt collectors. I hope the following methods can help you.


1️⃣ Pay attention to suction


Suction power is the primary consideration when purchasing cordless dirt collectors. Cyclone technology directly affects the suction power of cordless dirt collectors. The filter bags of some cordless dirt collectors on the market are of poor quality, which can easily clog the dust bag and weaken the suction power. Cordless dirt collectors adopt cyclone technology to achieve complete separation of dust and air through high-speed operation.


2️⃣ Consider high-quality batteries


Some poor-quality batteries on the market have short lifespans, and their power storage capacity will decrease over time. Cordless dirt collectors rely on battery charging to maintain their work, so the battery’s power storage directly affects the consumer’s experience. A powerful cordless dirt collector It can maintain at least 20 minutes of vacuum cleaning time after fully charged.


3️⃣ Take note of electric floor brush


The electric floor brush can easily roll up the dust and garbage through the high-speed operation of the brush head, and at the same time, it can deeply remove the dirt on the ground, which can suck more dust than the traditional wired vacuum sweeper.


4️⃣ Choose a full-featured brush head


Equipped with full-featured brush head accessories means that cordless dirt collectors will be more powerful, allowing you to efficiently clean every hard-to-clean dead corner in your home.


5️⃣ Check weight


This is also a very important point in my opinion. The main weight of the vacuum sweeper is concentrated in the motor part. The principle of leverage determines the effort required to mop the floor. Therefore, no vacuum sweeper on the market can handle different tasks and is particularly labor-saving.


The Future of Cordless Dirt Collectors


I believe that through the introduction of the above several methods, everyone has a clear understanding of the selection method of cordless dirt collectors. But what about the development prospects of cordless dirt collectors?


Under the wave of consumption upgrades and after meeting the rigid demand for major appliances, small household appliances that improve the quality of life are becoming a new growth point. Cordless dirt collectors, which are characterized by health, safety, convenience, and cleanliness, undoubtedly meet the ever-changing home needs of consumers to improve their quality of life.


For the same category of vacuum cleaners, cordless dirt collectors have become the focus of users' purchases not only because of the convenient and quick experience, but also the technical support behind it.


The appearance design or the humanized details are the bonus items of the product. Whether the product design can match the home environment does not destroy the original basic decoration style. These are all cordless dirt collectors producers should consider for consumers.


Although cordless rod dirt collectors have great advantages over traditional vertical wireless vacuum cleaners in terms of flexibility and ease of use in multiple scenarios, there are still users' pain points that have not been completely resolved.


Most vacuum sweepers currently use the principle of vacuum cleaning. Improving suction power is an important technical problem that all categories of products are overcoming.


Brotec Products Limited Company is constantly introducing new technologies and accelerating the upgrading of products to improve the suction power of cordless rod dirt collectors while providing users with a better experience.


If you are worried about choosing cordless rod dirt collectors, Brotec Products Limited Company will be your best option. We are the wholesale cordless rod vacuum cleaner OEM supplier, factory, manufacturer.


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