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December 06,2021

There are a sea of vacuum cleaners sold on the market such as upright, canister, and stick vacuums. Upright vacuums and canister vacuums are ideal for large homes and businesses with large traffic but the latter is quieter than the former. Stick vacuums are very easy to maneuver due to their lightweight. Today we will make an introduction about the first types of vacuums.


Commercial Indoor Upright Vacuum Cleaners


Brief introduction


A commercial indoor upright vacuum generally consists of the cleaning head, dust bin, and handle. In addition to the standard model, there are so many different models sold on the market such as corded and cordless as well as bagged and bagless options. What’s more, some upright vacuums are equipped with a wand for cleaning crevices up. Upright vacuums range from $50-$500, and the more expensive you have chosen the more additional features it owns.


Working principle of commercial indoor upright vacuum cleaners


The working principle is that the motor of the vacuum cleaner rotates at a high speed and sucks in air from the suction port to generate a certain vacuum in the dust bucket. The dust enters the bag in the dust bucket through the brush head accessories and the main suction pipe, and the dust is left in the dust bag or in the barrel, the air filtered by the filter enters the motor, and then flows out through the motor.


The filter material generally adopts the HEPA filter, which has lower air permeability, and the filtration is cleaner and safer. HEPA is an imported product. It is a high-efficiency filter that can block extremely small dust. The efficiency is 99.97%. Therefore, it is made into a wave shape to increase the air-permeable area and can be washed repeatedly.


How to choose the best vacuum sweepers?


Now that we have a basic understanding of upright vacuums, it is time to learn more about it. We have listed out some of the basic features which are also important factors for choosing the best vacuums for yourself.


Heating of Suction Pump


The deadly downside of vacuum sweepers is that they are easy to be heated up while its suction pump works. However, a high-quality sweeper hasn’t this problem and at the same time has a longer run time and a larger suck power. To avoid this problem, you can have a try on the mall while if you want to buy it on the internet platform you can also check the buyers' comments.


Bagged or bagless


Both bagged and bagless vacuums are available and have their own pros and cons. Bagged vacuums take the consumers an extra expense on the disposable bags while its counterpart requires the users to clean the bag every time the machine finished its cleaning job. Yet, this choice differs from person to person based on their needs.


Ease of use


There are a lot of vacuum sweepers available in the market with different designs and functionality. As we mentioned above, upright and canister vacuums suit large area while stick vacuums suit small apartments, easy to maneuver. Therefore you had better choose the right sweepers according to the layout and arrangement of your house.


Noise and power consumption


You should also check the noise it creates and the ratings in terms of power consumption. The higher the power saving rating, the better it is for your electricity bill and the environment.


Add-ons and warranty


It is also important to check the duration and conditions of the manufacturer's warranty, after-sales service, and other conditions.




For various upright sweepers of different models and specifications, their performance and functions vary from each other. Therefore, you must read the instructions carefully before using it to avoid damage.


Before using, the hose should be properly connected to the suction port. And the hose should be connected and tightened firmly to each section of the pipe and the nozzle at the end of the pipe, such as furniture brushes, gap nozzles, floor brushes, etc.


Check whether the power cord works well to ensure electrical safety.


When it working, make sure that there is no obvious iron nails, glass and other sundries in the clean area which may easily damage the vacuum.


When it completed its task, you had better place it in a dry area. Otherwise, it will affect its lifespan. 


Avoid dragging or kicking its hose.


Clean the dust bag in time after cleaning.


Wipe the exterior of the machine.


In conclusion


This article mainly focuses on upright vacuums and we have discussed it from its basic information, working principle, five factors for selecting sweepers, and maintenance. By the way, our upright sweepers are the hot sale, having received highly favorable reviews in the past year. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.