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December 06,2021

The cleaning and maintenance of the carpet have a great impact on its lifespan. If washing with water is used as a way of regular cleaning, this is unrealistic and very unfriendly to the carpet. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean carpets daily.
Regardless of whether the carpet is a nutshell or dust, they can solve it perfectly. However, for carpets, we need to use the most correct one. Yes, it has many types. For carpets, a nice upright carpet vacuum cleaner is recommended.
Upright Vacuum Cleaner for carpet

Type is important

A vacuum cleaner's performance will vary based on the type of fiber and the construction of the carpet. A good one usually has the characteristics that allow you to adjust the height, rotation of the beater bar, and its fan's speed. So, we recommend upright carpet cleaners. Intending to invest in their needs to consider the following factors.
Let's get started.

Beater bar height

The adjustable height of the Beater bar can effectively protect the carpet. The beater bar allows the machine to adapt to various types of carpets. If there is a large difference between the height and the distance between the carpets, the granular soil below cannot be sucked. If it is too low, the surface of the carpet will be worn away by the beating rod.

Efficient bracket

Use a dust cleaner with a good high-efficiency and high-efficiency micro-filtration system, which can remove fine dust and maintain a good indoor environment. The HEPA filter system can remove 99.97% of pollen, dust, animal scales, and other particles.

High-efficiency particulate arrestance

An aspirator is always with a good and efficient HEPA micro filter system to be able to remove fine dust and maintain a good indoor environment. The HEPA filter system removes 99.97% of pollen, dust, animal scales, and other particles.

Shall I invest in an expensive one?

No, many good affordable vacuum sweepers can effectively remove garbage and dust on the carpet. This is the case with upright carpet dust cleaners. You can find them in Brocvas, not only can it quickly and effectively make the carpet clean.

An upright or cylinder one?

Both types are suitable for carpet cleaning. Before you buy it, the following things you should consider:
  • Your targeted area to be vacuumed
  • Your preferences
  • You budget
  • Get what you want to
  • Your room space

Understand their characteristics

Upright vacuums offer excellent carpet performance, help combat pet hair with their swing bar, and generally have large heads to cover more areas and save time.

Cylinder cleaners are smaller and lighter, making them ideal for small-sized homes and better suited for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, including hard floors, rugs, and carpets.

Additional advice

The suction of the upright carpet vacuum cleaner should be sufficient to go through the back of the carpet and collect the dust and dirt that has settled on it. Before using, you should keep the suction hose and accessories free from foreign bodies. More importantly, you should check its head for any rough, sharp edges or bent metal.
Hand-held cleaners need to focus on the battery life and the number of accessories. The battery life is related to whether it can be cleaned for a long time. The number of accessories determines how much you can expand your functions.
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