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December 06,2021

Renting a house or having a room that satisfies ourselves, we all need to clean up the dust and garbage. Keeping the room tidy is the first step in health and hygiene. Replacing traditional brooms with liquid vacuum cleaners is a way to free yourself and improve efficiency.

Cleaning in a dusty room is a very tiring thing, and we are likelier to inhale them into the lungs, causing some respiratory problems.
spilled milk in the floor
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When the milk was knocked over and fell to the floor, the pure white liquid on the ground mixed with the brush of the broom, which was annoying. The brush stained the liquid on other ground. Therefore, in order to avoid these abominable phenomena, why did the Ministry use liquid cleaner from Brotec, which is an environmentally friendly household cleaning tool for both wet and dry use.

You have many reasons to purchase them

Compared with ordinary cleaners, the wet and dry functions are more flexible. How do you deal with dry dust and wet spills? We know that the ordinary model can only handle the dry matter. Therefore, in the long run, this is a worthy investment project, you do not need to add a new function cleaner to make up for its shortcomings.
More economical. It has more functions and performs more tasks than normal, so you can rest assured. Of course, many examples prove, such as the user of the product. Now some online shopping has the function of using first before paying. Why not try it by yourself?
Multi-region use. If you are restricted by the current cleaning tools, liquid vacuum cleaners can alleviate your area usage restrictions. They can be used in different environments. Do you want to try a more economical and efficient tool?
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Cleaning benefits of liquid vacuum cleaner

Dry garbage and liquid spills

The liquid dust cleaner can remove dry matter from the carpet and keep the liquid area clean again.

Dry matter, including husks, paper scraps, pet feces, lint, etc.;

Spilled liquids (such as water spilled on carpets or upholstery, etc.).

Commercial and residential use

Offices and other business areas need to use more professional and larger wet and dry cleaners. You can find them in some cleaning areas, such as sofa cleaning and car wash services.
indoor. Needless to say, most people have experienced the benefits of dust cleaners. This kind of multifunctional vacuum can reduce the extra cost and can clean up difficult liquids.

Used for indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks

Indoor cleaning task
Remove clogs from sinks and bathtubs by switching to blower mode. The blower mode produces a strong airflow that can easily remove the blockage.

Clean indoor curtains and upholstery. Use wet and dry cleaners to easily remove dust and any liquid spills from carpets and curtains.

Treat water that enters the house due to burst pipes or other unwanted means.
Clean the ashes left by wood burning in a fireplace by using the suction mode in a wet and dry dust cleaner.
Used to empty waterbeds. Wet/dry vacuum sweepers can be used to easily remove water from portable waterbeds without the need for any separate equipment.

Outdoor cleaning tasks

Clean and dispose of backyard leaves by switching to blower mode, which will blow leaves and arrange them into manageable piles that can be easily disposed of later.

Removal of depression in carpet

When a heavy object such as a table placed on the carpet is removed, the weight of the object leaves a dent in the carpet. A wet and dry one can be used to remove such depressions. Sprinkling water over the dents in the carpet and vacuuming will easily remove the dents.


The wet and dry function can be used as an important factor when choosing a liquid vacuum cleaner. Picking them will not let you down. They can bring you the above-mentioned benefits. You use them to receive fewer space restrictions, and economical, this is a long-term return of value. If you are looking for a professional OEM Wholesale Liquid Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory to improve sanitation and cleaning problems for you, Brotec is a choice not to be missed.